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Friday, December 24, 2010

fibre friday: treevolution in words

homesick tree, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.
homesickness tree - nickel silver tree trunk with wire and fibre branches, rooted around a chunk of scottish seaglass

It's the time of year when the homesickness really kicks in. I'm not sure if this is similar for all expats who have family 'left behind' but so many seasonal songs tell of being separated and overseas.

It's a time of year when tears fall easily, and memories seem both close and distant. It's a time of year when loneliness is amplified.

twisty roots

My little tree brooch was born out of the theme for a group exhibition I'm taking part in at Leigh Square in Port Coquitlam (opening late January). 2011 is the year of the forest and our group exhibition is about roots. I have some amazing pics of gnarly, twisted roots from the forests around me which was also one of my earliest impressions gained in my new natural surroundings. Guided forestry walks over our first summer in BC were where I first learned about nurse logs, the requirement of fallen trees to act as a nursery and nitrogen bank for new seedlings.

twisty roots on nurse log stump

I rarely act on a creative idea immediately - it has to sit composting in my subconcious for a while, then I plan it out 3D in my head (I'm not that great at sketching out designs). So while the inspiration was taking root in my mind, my thoughts were also turning to the other meanings of the word, roots - to my own roots which are solidly based in Scotland and cannot be ignored.


Although I grew up in Scotland, I'm continuing the process in Canada. My home is now here but sometimes my heart and bedrock is back 'home' across the water. I feel rooted thousands of kilometres away even though I'm reaching up for a British Columbian sky. Thus my little trees (there is a small forest of them now) have their own roots wrapped firmly round a chunk of scottish sea glass taken from the beach in the village where I grew up.

cloudscape and figure

PS: travel plans for my sister who is traveling from Scotland to be with us this christmas might need a little divine intervention due to the inclement UK weather - please direct positive thoughts, best wishes, karmic snow dances, prayers, and the like to the travel window over Christmas Eve for her. thank you

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