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Friday, July 9, 2010

fibre friday: the portable crafting aka how i'm staying sane edition

(As many of you are painfully aware) it's the summer holidays right now. A seemingly endless nine weeks sans fulltime (cough cough) school stretches menacingly into the distance.

We've (the Wee Guy and I) made some plans which will hopefully keep us both satisfied and relaxed. He has a number of activity camps and I am maxing out the available childcare and portable crafting occasions to carve out a few sanity moments. The sun has also arrived which makes life easier.

My portable crafting projects comprise mainly knitting though I do have some flower embroidery to dig out (started last summer, eep!). I'll also have some jewelry projects on the go soon as inventory in the two shops needs refreshing and I should also get on with revamping my poor online shops (see Where To Buy, above).

Next week's crafting projects, however, take a back seat to the teens' summer class in wire crochet I'll be teaching at Place des Arts. I have a couple of new projects to try out and so must organise finished examples/demo items as well as new student info sheets.

It's very rare that I feel "crafted out" though so I must be doing things right?

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