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Monday, March 1, 2010

Make It March



In January I recovered from Christmas.

In February I set up a work from home routine and dealt with all the paperwork.

In March I will have to do my taxes, but as some light relief my blog posts here will have the theme "Make It March". I'm planning on creating some new pieces and listing work for sale ie. making stuff, and hopefully making some money to pay the taxes! It's not going to be as intense as Design-A-Day April from two year's ago but I will be posting WIP and finished pieces almost daily.

I already have some inspiration, as you can see above. This beautiful lampworked glass bead fits onto a handknit wire chain. I'm working on a clasp for the chain and testing out its strength in the final design. It's a kind of knitted orbitals design but with the bead strung instead of incorporated into the mesh as in this gold wire bracelet.


Elaine said...

There's a good idea - I like to slide my beads along my chains. You could combine the two for movement effects.

And tonight, I portable craft: pliers, wire and beads + volunteer stint at the local gallery.

pomomama said...

Yay for portable crafting! your beads would look amazing on the handknit chains

Elaine said...

Ahhhh! I still haven't tried knitting or crocheting (beyond what my Granny failed to press into my little brain) let alone with wire.

pomomama said...

wire is easier - no dropped stitches!!! :)

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