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Friday, March 19, 2010

Make It March: under construction

Oh me, oh my! It's almost a week since I last blogged! I have been "being creative" I promise but not in a tangible "handle it in your sweaty mitts" type of way - I've been virtual creating aka on the internet.
I've spent the last week creating a virtual social network for a local artists' cooperative, the Blackberry Artist's Society, and now it's ready to unleash on the general public. I've opened twitter and flickr accounts, set up a blog and facebook fanpage ..... and then magically interconnected them with auto-updating. This little lot logged around eight hours at the keyboard time! Not a quick process.
Now that it's all set up I just need to create content, mastermind a blogging schedule and promote the giftshop.
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mwah mwah xox

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