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Thursday, July 2, 2009


d5b/32 - playing around

crafted portably of course - glass and copper wire crochet


Yesterday was Canada Day - my tent blew away but I did make some good sales (rather than the great sail that my tent was making!).

Before my tent went aerial I managed to set up my smaller table to put on an "artisan at work" demo (since I was in an artisan showcase). The wire crochet drew lots of attention and I had some lovely chats with some fascinating onlookers. Hopefully I'll see some of them when I resume teaching classes in the Fall.

I've got another couple of craft fairs coming up over the next two weeks then it's summer holidays for me. For inspiration I've set up a design-a-day challenge for myself. It will run until the end of July and document my crafty endeavours thru the first half of The Wee Guy's school holiday. Check out the flickr set of work done so far.

Currently it's running at 2 out of the 6 listed projects being portably crafted, including the sumptuous copper wire crochet cuff shown below. This was completed during my first stint in the Blackberry Artist's Cooperative shop in Port Moody Art Centre on Sunday.

d3b/32 - rich

Faberge: copper wire crochet with freshwater pearls

similar for sale here

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