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Monday, June 9, 2008

portable crafting; organisation

..... well, it's an attempt!

I find it's much easier to cram crafting into any spare moment if my kit is organised and stowed together. I group tools, etc according to projects and techniques so that if I need to pulla quick on-the-go project together I don't have to waste time hunting around for components. I started doing this when I used to sketch or paint during nap times (and oh boy does that seem like a long time ago now! naps are a definite thing of the past now!). I found I could get more done in a short period of time if I wasn't having to track down all that I needed for a project. If I could just reach into a box or bin and find everythig that I needed then my time was spent much more productively.

This is my art clay kit and tools, all conveniently kept together in a salad box. I like the salad boxes since it is a good example of recycling, and since they are transparent I can see what is inside each box when they are stacked (oh and they stack nicely too!). In addition, the lid keeps the smell of the oil paste inside the box and not all over my other materials.

I've also found that I can keep partially used packets of ACS on the go for longer if I double wrap them in the original art clay ziplocks in this salad box container. I add a damp piece of cottonwool into the outer package and seal it. I'm sure my last pack was still useable over a month after first opening it, and probably longer!

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Bobbi said...

I'm so glad to see that I'm not the only "obsessed" person out there. We are going on a 7 day bus tour back east next week and I'm trying to figure out which project would be the most portable! So many projects, so little time!!

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