wire ... metal ... fibre .... unique handcrafted jewelry and accessories for men and women


Cufflinks available on Etsy and Big Cartel.

Traditional, classic and funky wired designs, incorporating gemstones, sea glass, art glass and some polymer clay designs.

Click here to see other designs or work in progress.

Gemstones currently available include (square form) tigereye, moss agate, picasso or ocean jasper, carnelian, blackstone; lapis lazuli (rectangles), pink quartz (smaller rectangles), white quartz (rectangles), bronzite (discs and squares), botswana agate (smaller rectangles) and denim lapis (disc).

Seaglass pairs and limited fused glass pairs are also available.

Other designs (limited editions) include metalwork pairs in precious or base metals, bezel-set fused glass cabachons and fine silver tablets.

Coming soon! drilled sea glass cufflinks.
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