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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


bannertime, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.

Oh my word! I made this.
It's a banner, eight foot by two foot to be precise, but it features my lettering and design placement. And I'm chuffed it looks so awesome.

The amazing stylised Morris-esque B is by local artist Vicki Allesia who created it for the Blackberry Artist's Society. It was scanned and then I Live Traced the image in Illustrator to create a vector drawing.

Once the vector was available (a vector is needed so that the image file scales up properly without pixellating when expanded) I aligned it with some text for the society name.

After this my print guru, Sarah Ronald, stepped in to fine tune my thinking and guide me with what I needed to do to take this to the printer.

So, yesterday I sent off the various files, layout guides and screenshots to Brian at Deco Sign ... and this afternoon I picked up one shiny new vinyl banner - all ready for the Port Moody Centennial Parade.

Not just digital!
My biggest project evah.

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