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Saturday, May 4, 2013

new toys mean late night play

...  and no, it's not an adult - themed post so quit smirking.
Yesterday the  Wee Guy and I paid a visit to our fave local arts supply store  Colours (on  Lougheed just before  Metro Ford going east ). He was after more cartooning supplies; I was on a mission for more oil bars.

If you've never used oil bars before you are missing a treat. They are expensive but once you dig into their buttery goodness you will be hooked.

They work like a crayon and like paint. You can draw with them. You can scoop them with a trowel. You can thin them with linseed and use a brush. They mix. They smear. They are full contact art. And they are dry within 3-4 days.

Check out the Winsor and Newton product page for more info.

The sketch shown above was created using cadmium yellow light,  cadmium red dark,  ultramarine and soft mixing white, with synthetic linseed as a diluent.

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