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Saturday, March 23, 2013

more portable crafting

Spring Break d5, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.
Taking the studio out of the home.
This photo was taken in the bowels of the Beaty Museum, where the sun doesn't reach and low light protects the specimens.
With my smartphone and my olympus mu, I experimented with capturing the atmosphere while racing around after the little people.

Spring Break d5

Adjusting the camera was relatively straightforward - i changed the film speed to 3200 and hoped for steady hands. Changing the sensor to cope with the overhead lights rendered the colours more accurately so I'm quite pleased with the results (check out my flickr stream for more images).

Spring Break d5

There are fantastic views of perspective along the narrow walkways between the stacks, satisfying my geometric longings and taking me right back to days spent researching through dusty archives. The ISO setting, though a little grainy and with an orange cast, accurately rendered what i was seeing with enough exposure to capture the inhabitants of the preserving jars on display.

Spring Break d5
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