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Friday, November 2, 2012

fibre friday: judged

(educational) results from a recent jurying -

"This is an interesting idea, but to really make it work, the felt work needs to be better and more integrated."

"The materials are so different that it is difficult to get them to merge into a whole."

"a more interesting, hand-crafted pin on the back would elevate the quality."

"Butterfly pin: Not good design or use of felting" - this about the dragonfly pins above

referring to this moss cuff
"The wires sticking up are interesting, but tend to bend down easily – try firmer wire here?" i may have a couple of whimsical pieces entitled, you'll have someone's eye out with that, m'dear, but i really don't want to enucleate with a piece of jewelry

remarks about the clasp on a tinned copper embroidered cuff "it doesn’t appear to be silver, so it is not integrated with the silver wire, which cheapens the piece." the clasp is nickel silver to tone with the tinned copper

and this gem - "Many of the fibres appear to be synthetic (?) so they won’t felt together " - well, duh! my materials section stated synthetic fibres are used in my designs, not that they are felted.

"Assessment: FAIL"

It's always uplifting to be rejected so intelligently.

FWIW - my work doesn't fit in with the aesthetic of the gallery shop I juried for (note to self: research your submissions!), so I'm not that surprised at being turned down. However, my pieces were returned well picked apart (as in threads hanging loose), and the ignorance of some of the jurying comments left me open-mouthed in amazement.
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