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Monday, May 21, 2012

today's crafty exploits

I'm slowly inching back into creating mode. It's been a while since I actually re-stocked inventory (seems not so long ago I was tallying up inventory for tax season!); college assignments took a huge bite of time, I'm currently in my work experience semester, and selling is always slower post-Christmas.

However, I must start making again. I'm signed up for the Canada Day fair in Coquitlam and have opened up both of my Etsy shops again.

today's crafty exploits
thrift shop frame with Wee Guy's artwork installed :)

I also have a gallery show on the go, and another one coming up. And I'm still embroidering the power station for Port Moody's Stitching Our History project.

Phew! This weekend's domestic creative endeavours inspired me to get back to my studio bench :)
today's crafty exploits
picture frame in situ above nana's rocking chair

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