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Sunday, March 11, 2012

March's Featured Artist at City Hall

March's Featured Artist at City Hall:

This month's artist occupying the display case at City Hall (just up the stairs in front of the reception desk to the council offices) is Pauline Doyle.
Pauline's ceramic work is fun, quirky, unconventional, practical, decorative and, did I mention? fun!
Please do take the short hike up the stairs to see her stegosauri and frogs in residence among squishy soft boxes and jelly beans.

Yes, I did say jelly beans.

As usual, all work is for sale through the gift shop (phone 604 931 2008 to make arrangements).

By the way dear reader, what would be the easiest method for you to buy and collect purchases from the City Hall display case? Please leave a comment below this post on the blog, or reply by email giving your suggestions. Thank you.
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