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Monday, August 1, 2011

a holiday project: creativity every day

arrival day - a day of much jetlag (hence the spelling mistake)
Well - that's the plan! and it has been going well so far. Every day I've added an entry to my journal, recording the day's events and illustrating them with a sketch, memento or cartoon. My Wee Guy should be following alongside but his interest has waned a little - there is so much of interest to distract.
Sunday: first visit to the beach

My materials to hand are a new box of Cotman watercolours, my old (and under-used) box of Staedtler watercolour crayons, a couple of new paintbrushes, coloured pencils, drawing pencils, glue, some ink pens, and a waterbrush. Oh, and my new journal, full of marvellous thick and toothy watercolour paper :)
Monday: my new watercolours, my first run
What I don't have is regular and reliable internet connections, nor do I have huge chunks of time though my parents are very ably helping spread the parenting load with me. I've photographed entries Saturday 16th July through to Wednesday 27th July and will endeavour to catch up with more up-to-date on a daily basis.
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