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Friday, June 3, 2011

fibre friday: something light for the summer

embroidered wire cuff
wire crochet cuff with organza and silks embroidery overlay

Something fibre-y for the weekend, for this weekend's craft fair to be exact. Felted fibre doesn't fit the bill for summer - too dense and whiskery - so how about some delicate organza on an airy wire mesh cuff? The organza is wired and embroidered to the meshwork beneath, or you could wear it reversed! The embroidery is a cross between skookumchuk whorls and floral garden embroidery (seems to be a recurring theme this year!).

Care Notes
The organza is unhemmed, meaning it will fray slowly, giving the piece a gentle shabby chic look over the years. Wash gently by hand if necessary.

This cuff is, so far, one of a kind. It will be making it's debut at Fab Fair tomorrow. (warning: it's a small).

embroidered organza and wire cuff
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