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Friday, March 27, 2009

the structured chaos of organised personal time

the cluttered chaos of organised personal time

Last night I switched off the computer, removed myself from the lure of the interwebs and the seduction of twitter ..... and Made Stuff. This follows on from my previous blog post kvetching about not having enough personal time over Spring Break.

I poured a good big goblet of red wine and the creativity flowed(?).

accomplished =

fuzzy felting batch of flotsams
  • a new pair of copper earrings
  • three flotsam wire and fibre items ready to be felted in today's batch of laundry
  • the prototype for a new flotsam wire and fibre design
  • set up some portable crafting projects for when I'm out and about
  • an inventory check of wire crochet for upcoming craft fairs and B&M's
  • prep for the promo items I need to make for the upcoming Got Craft! fair at the beginning of May

Once these housekeeping items were out of the way I then settled down to some real creating, something I've been 'itching' to do for a long time. I've been making wire beads for about a year now and using them in necklaces or as focal points. Recently I've started felting them (my beloved fuzzy balls!) but last night's project was a wee bit different.

I made a graduated set of fine silver wire beads and teamed them with some beautiful white agate to make a "purity" choker-length necklace. For some reason I gravitate towards pure white with the fine silver and the pieces always end up being "purity". Ho hum - makes sense to me I think.

purity choker - fine silver and white agate



Julie B said...

Your Purity necklace is beautiful. I love your wire beads!

pomomama said...

thank you julie! i'm quietly pleased that they do indeed graduate in size. it was worth taking the plunge in fine silver wire to try it out too (usually i dabble in copper till i'm happy)

Beth - IndieNorth said...

How pretty! Really, really sweet!

pomomama said...

thanks Beth. i amaze myself at how much work i can get done when i concentrate (and am always nicely surprised by compliments - thank you)

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