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Sunday, January 11, 2009

what be this strange glowing orb in the sky?

I will admit, I haven't been crafting portably for a while. It's been too darn cold to go out (tho' I did take a sock on the pins out into the snow one day)(and to an interview too!). Although both the sun and a horizon have been sighted recently, the weather still doesn't encourage much sitting around outside. It snowed again yesterday so I do despair.

My current crafting has been around the house, but whenever we have been on the go there has always been something on circular needles to knit in my bag.

So here's my paltry list of projects on the go at present, with an indication of their portability.

* sterling silver bud jewelry -
custom pendant in progress and portable
* socks (a little larger than
these but in the same yarn) very portable but still only on sock one!
* knitted beret - in gorgeous Mirasol Hacho yarn (100% merino)
Deep Blue Ocean #306 on circular pins, extremely portable
brass ring and copper pendant - still on the soldering and riveting stages so not all portable currently, bench project only
* photography - no chance of portability (and they're all shiny things ugh!)
* inventory prep for a craft boutique - tied to my desk!

.... but I have plans, and my
local yarn store has a sale going (!) .....

stay tuned!

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