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Sunday, October 19, 2008

portable crafting knit style

I think I must have some kind of attention-deficit problem as I can't just keep one knit/crochet project on the go at one time. My problem was therefore that my various knittings were getting left all over the place or worse, that my scissors (and I have an extremely cute small pair just for yarn snipping) and tape measure were always with another project. It took an age to get out of the house with a suitable crafty occupation to pack in my bag.

Problem solved with a visit to IKEA for some gorgeous nesting baskets. I now have a little more order in my studio AND my knit/crochet has a home to live in while I'm busy on othr things (gasp! like housework boo).

My portable-ness is instantly solved by keeping the tape, scissors and stitch markers in my adorable meringue wristlet so I truly can grab and go.

PS: I find that keeping a notebook and pen in the fibre basket means that I'm more likely to note down yarn/needle size/pattern details rather than relying on memory.

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