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Thursday, May 22, 2008

a new batch of portable crafting projects

OK this has been blogged before but not here.

My usual work week entails entertaining a small 5 year old boy, and thus we visit the kind of places where it is easy to keep said small child occupied and happy.

I find most of these places tedious as I don't like endless games of hide-and-seek or sliding down the slide backwards, however I do enjoy seeing my little guy having fun (I'm really not that useless a mother).

I also find it difficult to make time for crafting unless I can do it all on the run.

Hence portable crafting projects.

When I've got a lot on the crafty to-do list I spend one day (or the freetime during one day) making up these portable crafting packs. Each pack, neatly contained in a zipplock or similar, will contain the exact ingredients and tools for one or two projects.

In an idea world they will be stacked neatly so I can 'grab and go' at the start of the day.

Usually I am cussing and swearing (quietly and under my breath) as we struggle to leave the house before mid-morning but the intention is always there and my organisational skills are improving.

Roll on September and kindergarten!!

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