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Monday, January 16, 2012

design for life

business card template "i make stuff"

Apart from the wire crochet power station (a few more lines were added yesterday evening), there's not a lot of 3D creativity going on at the bench currently (and my fingers are itching to be back in business).
There is, however, a lot of homework going on; mouseclicks, typing, cut and paste, etc..

In case you didn't already know, I'm at college part-time, taking a professional writing diploma, and these business card designs are sort-of homework. I do have business cards, but they're for my other ID as a jewelry maker. They feature pretty pics of my work, give my web address, and are designed for people to pick up from my table at craft fairs. 

I also have utterly gorgeous MOO cards on sumptuous touchy-feely cardstock, featuring my best flickr product shots with my URL, etc on the reverse. But nothing for my 2D exploits as wannabe writer. 

In fact, it's the writer-bit that's had me blocked for quite a while. I'm not sure what kind of writing career I want yet, so I'm very unwilling to settle into a niche so early. It's also feels incredibly pseud-ish to even call myself a writer at this point.

But after a quick query on twitter, I was encouraged to declare myself as a writer (thank you, twitterverse).
So I have done so. What do you think?

tech details: business cards designed in MS Publisher

design #1

design #2

design #3

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